custom canvas work

     and upholstery



We use cutting edge materials brought in from my background in marine grade cover making.


If your existing roof is quite old, chances are it is made from PVC. We do not generally reproduce the covers with PVC as there are now far superior materials suitable for the job. The most popular as described by our suppliers are:

DSCF0485 DSCF0486 DSCF0487 DSCF0488 DSCF0491

Tough stuff

It is one of the most versatile fabrics ideally suited across a whole range of military end uses. It provides endurance and rugged durability for equipment exposed to extreme conditions and is resistant to cuts, tears and scuffs. a Great fabric but not ideal for all Canvases


Duck Canvase

 Is a superb marine cover fabric designed for long lasting colour, super high strengths, abrasion resistance, breathability, virtually no stretching or shrinkage over time, mildew and ultra violet resistant and very water repellent.

(Only for pick up cover)



Acrylic Canvas